Passed My CEH :)

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I passed my CEHv7 yesterday. I used the CEH AIO book and practice questions and scored and 82% up next ECSA


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    Congratulations on the pass!!
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    @bsdbandit congratulations on the pass! I was wondering if there was alot of command based stuff on the test? If so did lpic-1 help since that test has many command based questions.
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    Congratulations! icon_cheers.gif

    You used only the Walker books? Are there any areas of the CEH you feel the books didn't cover well?

    What skills and experience do you have with the topics of the CEH cert before starting you studies?
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    Prior to taking the Ceh i have 10 yrs experience with linux/windows as well as using tshark (ethereal) netcat nmap. if anyone is looking to take the ceh really know and understand networking tcp/ip, icmp. alot of ceh was just common sense. I learned alot studying for the exam and i urge anyone that looking to start down the road for becoming a pentester to take this ceh ( ceh gives you a foundation on the tools and techniques that hackers use) .
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    Congrats!!! Are you going in the future take the CHFI? Good luck!
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    yes definitely going to take the chfi in the future right now im reading the chfi book and going through the steps using free open source forensics tools on a windows and linux vm
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