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So just the other day I realized that CCNP Voice track does not require the core CCNP Route/Switch/Tshoot. Has it always been like this? I understand it's five Voice tests, with CCNA Voice being the pre-req

Seems a bit odd that the core 3 ccnp tests aren't a pre-req. What are your thoughts, is it still beneficial to take the core tests first, wouldn't you be lacking some skill if you bypass these and jump straight into ccnp voice?

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    No, thankfully CCNP:Voice does not require completion of CCNP:R&S as well, if it did, there would be a lot less CCNP:V out there. 5 exams + the pre-req is more than enough. CCNA:Voice as the pre-req has been an on-again, off-again, and back to on-again thing.

    Having CCNP:R&S might be a nice to have, but not necessary, though I'd say some switching experience is. The voice track is pretty much a world unto it self.

    I came up the CCNA -> CCNA:Voice -> CCNP:Voice path, with CCDA thrown into the mix along the way, from the PBX world. Still trying to break into the Cisco Voice world though...
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    Did you enjoy the CCNP voice cert path? What do you mean you are still trying to break into the cisco voice world?

    My issue is, I don't have PDX experience...I have 15 years of IT experience but no PDX, can someone w/o PDX experience be strong in Voice?
    2015 goals - ccna voice / vmware vcp.
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    Yeah, it was enjoyable, tough at times with a whole new way of doing things I'd been doing for 15+ years, but enjoyable.

    As for still breaking in....comes down to the old "certification vs experience" debate, and how far down the certification path you are prepared to invest in.

    No PBX experience? Don't see it as a big problem, every PBX is trying to do the same thing, get a call from the outside world to an end user (or vice-versa), only the interface and commands really change. Not sure how many non-PBX background people there are here, but while I had to go back and learn networking from the ground up, they've had to learn it cuts both ways.
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    Similar to azagal, I followed the same path in regards to Cisco certs. CCNA -> CCNA:V -> CCNP:V. The reason the CCNA is/was a requirement is because there is so much foundation knowledge in the CCNA. Cisco has made changes so that now ICDN1 can be the pre-req for specialty tracks vs full CCNA so you can go down the Voice track now without having to cover all of the routing and switching topics in the CCNA. In depth routing and switching knowledge at the CCNP level is certainly not required to be a Voice engineer if your job is just VoIP. That said, it's never doing to hurt and in some cases would be helpful to have it.

    I supported CUCM, Unity Connection, and CUP for three years in a small environment before I started the cert path. The Voice track IMO would be really difficult if you have no real world experience and certainly harder to lab than routing and switching due to the amount of gear required and cost. It can be done of course, but just prepare for a marathon.

    Obtaining CCNP:V really helped me land a new Sr. role as I recently changed jobs to a large enterprise environment. Having CCNP on my resume really helped no matter which track it was in considering my job isn't focused on one specific area. I'm actually doing more network/security support and less voice in the new role than I was at my last job. A guy on our team is the dedicated voice admin and handles the day to day stuff. I'm more of a lead for complex troubleshooting, backup resource, and involved with any voice based projects. Having to support EIGRP and BGP on a daily basis, I'm starting CCNP R/S. I don't feel that these exams will be as difficult as CVOICE, CIPT2, and TVOICE from the Voice track.
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    Thanks for the input!
    2015 goals - ccna voice / vmware vcp.
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