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i was able to successfully send email back and forth in my lab environment via VMWare, but for myself to send it out my next I need to open all these ports on my home router (and vmware)??

i dont even have that open port fields on my wireless router


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    Are you referring to sending email outside your local network? You don't need to open all ports to send email, for example, you just need the necessary ports like port 25 open... Also, the port reference guide includes port requirements between server roles like CAS <-> MBX which is internal and in a home lab, those ports are most likely open. You can use telnet to test and see if any ports are blocked.
  • gbdavidxgbdavidx Senior Member Member Posts: 840
    comcast blocks my port, i do have godaddy host records pointed to my IP address, how do i change the default port 25 port
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    If it's exchange 2010, you could use shell to change the port, for example "Set-SendConnector" and "Set-ReceiveConnector". The send connector configuration is quite simple, you just need to issue a "Set-SendConnector "name of your smtp sent connector" -Port (port number)". With receive connector, you have to use bindings when modifying.

    You'll see a binding if you open the properties of your receive connector. The binding should looking something like or which means that any email coming from those networks will be accepted on port 587, obviously for outside, you'd want to use as your network as it defines any network. Internally you can create another connector and limit your network.

    (port 587 is being used as an example here)
  • gbdavidxgbdavidx Senior Member Member Posts: 840
    I need help, I cannot connect to my edge for some reason, I am getting an error message that says it cannont connect. Failure details: the LDAP server is unavailable. I have tried creating a new xml document and adding it to the edge subcription but it doesn't help

    when i do test-edgesubscription - i get, the edgesync service cannot connect to this subscription because of error "the ldap server is unavailable"

    i've made sure port 587 is open, port 80 is open, and 50636 is open too, how can i get edge subscription to contact ldap?
  • gbdavidxgbdavidx Senior Member Member Posts: 840
    if i had deleted an original edge.xml file from my edge transport server will that cause it to not work? do i need to rebuild my edge server?
  • TheProfTheProf VMware Dude! Users Awaiting Email Confirmation Posts: 331 ■■■■□□□□□□
    If I recall correctly, the Edge.xml file is just an answer file that is used to install the pre-reqs for the Edge role, so if you delete it, you will have to manually install the windows pre-reqs. That file can be found on the Exchange DVD as well if you ever need it again. This should not impact your Edge configuration.

    Second, to create a successful subscription, primarily, it's done in two steps.

    1. You create the Edge Subscription XML file on the Edge Server
    2. On the Hub server in your organization, you create a new Edge Subscription using the XML file you created earlier

    You have to make sure that the Hub servers can resolve the FQDN of the Edge server in your AD environment, the way to do that would be to use hosts files. Also make sure that you use the Edge XML file within the 24 hours of its creation or else you'll have to create a new one.

    Other things to check would be to make sure you have all the windows requirements installed for the Edge Role, AD LDS is a crucial component of the Edge role.
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