Passed Net+ a few hours ago. (my first post here)

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Hi all, like the title says I passed Network+ earlier today (856/900). I also passed A+ a few weeks ago--I was planning on posting, but it got away from me and I just kept lurking here at techexams.

I used Meyers' All-in-One, ExamCram, and CBT Nuggets to study. The practice exams I used were from Meyers' book and ExamCram. Not sure which book I'd recommend more than the other. In ExamCram things are laid out in a way that makes it easier to study and review. Meyers is softer landing into the material and perhaps a bit more well rounded.

I should also mention that I'm halfway through the CCNA Exploration courses at my college's NetAcad; the Cisco material and labs were probably as, if not more, helpful to passing the exam than my other study sources. I'd highly recommend that any Net+ candidates get their hands on some simulation software (or GNS3) and do some labs.

It feels good to pass, but I'm already feeling the pressure to start studying for Sec+ and to step up the job search.

EDIT: Forget to mention that I also used this Android app to study: . Not all the questions relate to the current objectives and some answers are wrong, but I think it's a valuable resource for the price since it includes questions for A+, Net+, and Sec+ (I paid ~$10).


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