Group Policy question

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I was taking a practice test earlier and came across this question:

"Which is true of GPO settings"

A. If a setting is defined in Local Group policy on the computer and not defined in the GPO linked to the OU, the setting will be applied.
B. If a setting is defined in the LGP and defined differently in the GPO linked to the OU, the LGP setting will be applied.

Left C and D out because they were obviously wrong.

I chose B.

The correct answer is A.

I don't understand, aren't these answers basically the same anyways. Couldn't B be correct as well? If you ask me, in A, the setting will be applied sounds too vague. B seems to be more specific (The *LGP* setting will be applied)

I understand that it goes in order, with LGP setting overriding all of the others. Just a weirdly worded question. Am I missing something here?

I'm almost ready, I got an 88% on this practice test! These tricky questions throw me off though.


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