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Ok, just got done with getting my CCNA. I'm looking foward towards preparing for the MCSA Windows 7 70-680 exam.

Right now, gonna use Trainsignal. Now Some may say, don't take the exam lightly, trust me I won't. I've allotted what I believe to be sufficient time to get by the exam.

My goal is 4 weeks, with about 14 hrs a week total. Now I believe for my experience it should be good enough, if not, I'll just reschedule.

My experience, I've been a desktop technician for the past 5 years. I've done nearly everything on the topics list, with a big exception of automation. I've worked with the registry, backups, recovery, fresh installs, modified installs, rdp, imaging. I've used MSconfig lots, cmd, schedulers , performance monitoring.

Now I'm thinking of getting a book, but then it would take me longer to pass the exam as I'm not a speed reader. If I have the book I'll get OCD like symptoms and feel like I absolutely have to read it cover to cover even though such in depth reading may not be necessary.

Anyone have experience with the TS series ? how was it ?


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    Ismaeljrp wrote: »
    Anyone have experience with the TS series ? how was it ?
    I use my TS subscription to keep up with new products and technologies. The depth of any video series, in my mind at least, all depends on the instructor. So it can vary considerably. Why not do a little more study, using Microsoft's TechNet library to counter your weak areas, and purchase one of the new "2nd Shot" vouchers. That way, if you fail the first try, you can regroup and prepare better for the 2nd (free) try.
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    Thanks. I decided on only going for the MCTS 70-680 instead of the MCSA Windows 7 cert, at least for now that's the plan. I just purchased the MCTS 70-680 cert guide, from author Don Poulden ( I think I got his name right ). And checked out the TS series on the exam and it seems pretty good. I got it mainly for the quizzes and practice tests, plus I like having the option of not having to stare at the monitor all day for studying. I like learning the details so, I guess it's fine going through the whole thing, I like the style of the author , it's not boring.
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