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I took the JNCIP-SP exam today and passed with a score of 91%. This is probably the most straight forward exam I've taken because it really lines up with what I do for a living very well. There were maybe 3 or 4 questions that I'd never come across something similar in my career. It helps already having the CCNP/CCIP level knowledge too of course.

After doing the JNCIS a couple months ago and the knowledge I already have it didn't take much study to get up to speed, but don't take the exam lightly if you are new to the material. A thourough understanding of routing and MPLS is definitely needed to pass. I used all the official courseware to study - JCOS, JMV, AJSPR and JMR. I've read them all before so it was a lot of spot reading and refreshing rather than hardcore learning mode. I felt that I mostly needed to get back up to speed on multicast and COS. Figured I had most of the MPLS stuff already down. Scored the highest in multicast and lowest in MPLS so my score definitely reflected my study habits!

Next for me will probably be the CCIE written to renew my Cisco certs and then a shot at the JNCIE lab.
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    Congrats! Way to go!
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    Congrats sir! icon_cheers.gif
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    Nice job, mate!
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    Congrats! I had the same impression of the exam. I actually found it to be easier than the JNCIS-SP because it was mostly BGP/MPLS/OSPF/ISIS whereas the JNCIS covered switching topics which I don't have much experience with on Juniper platforms.
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    Congrats Buddy, me too preparing for Juniper SP track. Can you please share some study materials.
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    that's awesome Networker050184 !
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    Congrats on pass!! icon_thumright.gif
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