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Does anyone take these exams really serious? IMO any exam you can take at home is not worth even going after. I keep seeing people compare it to CCENT and MCP and I don't even think its in the same league as them. I know CCENT is entry level, but I still had to study a bit to pass that exam. MCP was quite a while ago but I remember having to study it. Even the basic comptia exam as your entry level certs requires atleast some studying on your part if you are new to the cert game...and you have to take it in a testing center. Plus all the above certifications have some worth because companies are looking for them.

Maybe its good for resume fluff, but I highly doubt any company is going to look for these. Watch a three hour video and take an online test. Wow, that is impressive. The answers are probably already online you can search while taking the exam. Awesome, you can use google, copy and paste.

I've read the posts on here about people complaining the VCP cost too much. In life you really do get what you pay for. Considering there are ways of taking the required class for 1500 bucks I don't see how that is that much. I also pay for my own certs, including training. If you want to get somewhere sometimes you have to do it yourself.

I think VMware is going the wrong direction with these certs. I think its a quick way to make a buck (maybe not because they are giving them away for free).

I'm curious on other people's thoughts.
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    I agree with most of what you said, but I reckon this cert might just get more people interested in VMware's certifications. It's a money-grab for sure, but when it's free - why not. It's a good introduction to their certs, just like the VTSP/VSP ones (though these are geared towards a slightly different audience). Most employers will not take it seriously, but it's better than no virtualization cert at all. At least it goes to show that the person's interested in virtualization. Good thread though.
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    I agree as well, I don't think the VCA-DCV or Cloud match to the entry level Cisco or MCTS certs, although Microsoft does have the MTA certs. To be honest, regardless of the cert... for someone who's new to VMware technologies can really benefit from learning the fundamentals, then if they feel like taking the VCA, why not? The VCA certifications can really help someone starting out. For someone who has experience and works with VMware products all the time probably won't benefit much.

    Any business is in it for the money, whether its VMware selling it's entry level certs or the 4k+ cost for courses done over a period of a week, nothing is free right :). I think anything that will improve your career is worth the investment, but you have to chose the correct path that suits your level of experience and skill.
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    Having acquired an MCP, CCENT, and VCA I can definitely say they don't compare. The VCA is only an introduction to virtualization and the vmware product line. It doesn't qualify you to "do" anything. Granted, its a good credential for sales people or beginners who want to validate basic knowledge of vmware products. I am neither and won't be listing it on my resume. It would be overshadowed by even the small amount of experience I have.
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    It's good if you want a helicopter view of virtualization. If I was a sales engineer it wouldn't be bad either.
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