Studying for70-410 with limited resources

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Hello All

I have decided to start studying for the 70-400 series starting with 70-410. However I do not have direct access to windows server 2012. I know I can download 2012 evaluation version but from previous experiences my laptop cannot handle running windows server through Oracle VM.
I am considering obtaining MS press books and reading various technet articles and using CBT nuggets. Is this enough to help me pass the exam or are there other resources I need to use.

Thanks in Advance


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    I think it is possible to pass with TechNet articles and CBT Nuggets, but I do not think anything can touch actually using the Windows 2012 OS hands on. As with all things in life...the more you actually use or do something then the more familiar you will be with that particular task.
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    These labs seem excellent. How close/far would I be from being able to pass the MCSA exams 70-410,411,412 if I worked my way through all these labs?
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    Closer definitely, but I don't think anyone can quantify that. Completing labs, books, courseware, etc. doesn't necessarily mean that anyone retained the material or understood the concepts.
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    Thanks so much for this resource. While I agree that its hard to quantify passing using the labs, books and courseware. I think it is safe to say that the labs should be a big help. With the previous MS exams that I failed. My biggest obstacle was getting my hands on the actual functioning OS.
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    cyberguypr wrote: »
    Thanks...How do I run these labs..Do I need to Install server first
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    On the page there is a link to a file that will automatically execute and start the labs. MAKE SURE you use IE, I tried and mozilla and it would not work. P.S-At the beginning of the lab I could not find the action area in Server Manager to Authorize the DHCP server, any ideas???
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