R&S Written done... next stop RTP

SomnipotentSomnipotent Member Posts: 384
Just got out of the exam. Holy cow what a relief to get that said and done. I've been struggling to find time the past few months with so many other goals and work to accomplish. I had a hard time devoting as much reading time as I could to the cause but today I just had that itch to take the exam for kicks because I was feelin' lucky. I'm ecstatic to announce the penultimate hop is upon me and there's a lab seat at RTP awaiting me. The next 6-12 months are going to exceedingly chocked full of grinding INE workbooks with a Narbik lab in the mix. icon_cheers.gif I need a beer now.
Reading: Internetworking with TCP/IP: Principles, Protocols, and Architecture (D. Comer)


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