Do they tell you whether a question has more than one answer?

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I have checked a couple of questions, including CompTIA's official samples, and only in Darril's book I see "Choose two" or "Choose all that apply".

So that make me wonder... During the exam, is it indicated whether a question has more than one answer?


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    Yes. The exam will typically prompt you, "Select all that apply" or "choose 2 answers". You will be able to distinguish these questions because they typically have a box next to the answer vs. single answer questions which have a circle.
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    TechGuy215 is on target with his answer. In the book, I occasionally used "Choose all that apply" to make the question a little more challenging with the goal of allowing you to accurately identify both correct and incorrect answers. On the exam, you'll typically see it as "Choose TWO" or "Choose THREE" and as TechGuy215 mentions, the circles (radio buttons) next to the answer are changed to boxes (check boxes) giving you another hint that more than one answer is needed.

    Good luck.
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