CISA Practice questions

rob1234rob1234 Banned Posts: 151
How close to difficultly wise is the CISA prep questions to the real thing?


  • LarryDaManLarryDaMan Member Posts: 797
    I thought the exam questions were a decent representation of what you'll see and from what I hear, the answer explanations are taken straight from the official review guide. So basically just write ISACA a blank check and enjoy the ride.
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    Agree w/the above... you won't see any of theose questions on the exam, but if you focus on the explanations, you should do alright.
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    I have the CISA Review, Questions,Answers & Manual 2013 and the Supplemental. Are these the same questions and are they reflective of the kind of questions you will see? Thanks
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    Gents, can you help me with this question please:
    Dear All,

    I'm not hard of learning ;) I'm CISSP plus a number of other things, a CCIE candidate, yet for the life of me I cannot work out how to use the CISM Review Manual..

    I've tried reading it like a book. It's dry and pretty awful. I've left it this late to prep for my December 14th 2013 seat as I've had other commitments.

    I'm just not sure how the Section 1 and Section 2 work? Logic tells me to read and digest Section 2 only. I have no idea how/why I would need to digest the task statements to the knowledge statements and if we will actually be tested on that portion?

    Silly question, but I'm stuck. I WILL pay it forward in the future if one of you clever people helps me. I plan on reading 12 pages per day and testing using the official 900 q-set; covering the materials twice.

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