MCSA job opportunites?

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Not sure if this is the right section but i was curious on what types of jobs would a MCSA be used for. Right now I only have a measly A+ and I am currently studying for a Net+ but im not sure i really want to get too deep into networking. I've been interested in the MS certs for a while and i am much more familiar with hard war and software than i am with networking. Right now I am making pretty decent pay as a IT tech,40k/yr with no degree and only A+ although i do have about 3-4 years work experience.


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    MCSA gets you an interview.

    Being able to technically explain everything the MCSA teaches you gets you the job.
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    Just wanted to echo Mishra- The certs and all that will get you past the initial HR screens completed by people who often don't know what the letters mean. In the interview, you have to be able to back up the certs with some experience and real knowledge. The certs just open the door - they don't mean you will stay. That said- some times getting the interview is the tough part. Your experience should be enough to get you through an interview with the right certs. IMHO - Network+ is fine for someone with only a year or two of experience but really after that, you will be assumed to know the basics or know how to find the answers. I suppose the Net+ maybe a checkbox on someone's requirement list somewhere but I think you would be okay without it. I don't think the Network+ will give you much return on your investment. I would go the MSCA server route if you want to move into that type of role. With that cert you could be sought after in any environment that uses Windows machines. That is basically any IT environment. I don't have the cert yet but I have done helpdesk, desktop support, server support in a NOC, and a few things in between. That cert would have been valued in any of those positions. I now work in a heavy server support role and my MCSE is a requirement so I am finally getting the certs.
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    Thanks for the replys! My current job pays for all my certs if i pass the first time so thats why i was just going to get the net+ since it would be a free extra cert lol. thats what i was thinking too that if i get the MCSA server route that it can be helpful in any role. Just wasnt sure what type of specific job paths that would open up.
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    I wouldn't be so dismissive of A+ mate I found it to be alot of work and quite tricky in parts. Network + has a lot of bloat and stuff you might not use again... However I really value this cert and employers seem to feel the same as it does give you good foundations in some really crucial stuff and I think MS exams would have been way harder had I not done that first.

    IMO a network cert would do you good unless you're well self taught. If you wanted something a bit trendier maybe CCNA (unsure of difficulty as never persevered with it) ? Even if you don't want to be a network engineer, you're likely to come across alot of network issues in your career as the lines between IT specialisms are often blurred.

    So yeah, my advice would definitely be to knock out a network cert before you start on MS.
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    an P.S that is awesome that your employer pays. Take advantage!!
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    It could open up opportunities as a Systems/Server Administrator. :)
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    Also, keep in mind the MCSA: Server 2008 or MCSA: Server 2012 is a requirement on your path to MCSE, which you should ultimately be pursuing as a systems administrator working with Microsoft technologies.
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