Hello I have a question

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Hello I have a question what would any of you recommand for Server+? because im going though the works right now for certs. Here are the following im goign to go though.

A+ Network+ Security+ Server+ MCSE and CCIE Security

Now what would be a good book for Server+?
by the way i already have A+ and Network+

thanks for your time


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    I have seen good reviews on the Sybex study guide. I have the book, but haven't begun studying for the exam yet.

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  • The_Network_EngineerThe_Network_Engineer Member Posts: 59 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Yea i just got it it seems great thanks :)
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    I'm now studying for Server+. Have read Server+ Certification by Elton Jernigan. It has very good reviews on Amazon.

    I'm presently studying in the Server+ Exam Prep series book by Drew Bird and Mike Harwood. It also has good reviews. I have thus far not found any errors in them.

    Best of luck on study materials and certs!
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