just passed 70-417

(sorry if this is a double post it didn't seem to go thru first time round)

I passed with 750. My exam order was 412, 411 and then 410. Felt al-right after the first exam and then i just went downhill from there and my scores reflected that (800, 760, 750).

Got some really obscure AD FS questions. Even got a question that wasn't on the 70-417 exam objectives so i hate to say it but you really should take a look at the other exam objectives in the server 2012 exam set. Having said that it was really only one or two questions that ended up being like that.
For all the talk about powershell i didnt see much reference to it on my exam.

I wonder how long it takes them to remove erroneous questions? I got a question relating to Server 2012 Enterprise. No such thing exists and the reference to Server 2012 Enterprise in the questions was very important. Was there ever a server 2012 enterprise edition?

I would highly recommend the MSPress exam book for this exam.
CBT Nuggets videos were also quite good.
Measureup and Transcender exams probably helpded me answer some questions i would otherwise not have known.

Does anyone else feel less intelligent after sitting a Microsoft exam? I came out of the exam feeling really stupid. Maybe its just the way MS writes their questions.

Hopefully onto 70-689 before they upgrade the exam in January


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