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When I logged in online to get my certificate I found an authorization page that says it will match individuals
with potential career opportunities if I let comptia share my information with the companies (Blue Ribbon Techs and Brainhunter). Has anybody tried this? Is it a worthwhile resource for finding a job or is it just opening the door for massive amounts of spam?


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    The page I believe you are referring to: Demographics-->Authorizations

    It is for when you are offered a contract job by a 3rd party, ie: Blue Ribbon Tech, Zylog, etc. On their page, you have to create a profile, and allow them access to your transcripts at the Comptia candidate page. You generate a code, then you use that code on their site (Blue Ribbon Tech, etc) which then allows them access to a list of your certifications.

    It does not actively search or seek out and match employment for you, that I am aware of. Without creating a profile at Blue Ribbon Tech or being offered a contract job first, that page is essentially useless.

    I have been offered contract jobs via Field Solutions, which required me to sign up at Blue Ribbon Tech, which then required me to generate the code at the Authorization page, and then I copy and paste the code back at the Blue Ribbon Tech site. I do not get unwanted spam, but I do get emails of various contract jobs that I can't do, due to skill, or geographic location.
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