MBA IT Management and PMP, what now?

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I'm looking at project management roles, it manager, director of IT. I'd like to be in the corporate world but I can do medium sized business too. I've got my MBA in it management from wgu and just passed the PMP today! So my question what's the next step? I'm thinking ITIL foundation. Is there anything else that yall would recommend?


  • ratbuddyratbuddy Member Posts: 665
    Do you have any experience?
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    Don't you need project management experience ~ 3 years to sit the PMP? I would look to gain experience you have an MBA and a PMP. You should be good to go, I doubt ITIL would give you any added advantage. Experience is the key now.
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    I've got 9 years of IT experience and 4 years of project management under my belt. Have yall seen a lot of "program manager" positions in the IT field?

    I guess I'm struggling with the next step logical step after being a project manager.
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    Since you want to be an IT manager, have you tried trying to get a job as one? Maybe the logical next step is to get your resume together and apply for some jobs that interest you.
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    Well to rephrase my original question I'm like to be working towards the next cert/degree etc as it gives me something to do. Otherwise I spend my time wasting time. I guess it's hard to pinpoint what exactly I'm looking for cert wise as I realize this is a technical forum, not a managerial one. So taking more experience out of the equation what should I be pursing if I want to manage people in the IT industry?
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    There are actually many folks in TE who are in management - myself included. I have never seen any certifications for IT management. The closest if the CISM for Infosec managers and CIPM for Privacy managers.

    Just my personal belief and others may have a different opinion but I have never seen any value when it comes to IT management certifications. Leadership is a talent and while it can be fostered and developed, it is not a skill that can be learned. I have taken classes in the past on certain management tools. They are very general and while it broadens knowledge of techniques, implementation and delivery can vary greatly depending on leadership values and styles.
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