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Hello TE Members,

Recently, I have been testing the waters and submitting my resume for some positions that are closer to home since my daily commute (1 hour each way in traffic) is starting to take a toll on me.

The positions I have been applying for are in network engineering or data center operations and I meet most prerequisites and have some of the desired skills listed. Currently I work in a help desk environment but our EUs are 10-99 field techs working on network equipment at mostly retail locations for various vendors

During the search I keep getting "We have reviewed your application and have decided to pursue other candidates" and "However, at this time, we are pursuing other candidates whose qualifications more closely meet the requirements of this position." emails before getting to the interview stage. This leads me to believe there are issues with, what I would consider to be a solid resume.

I am thick-skinned so any advice would be greatly appreciated!

resume for TE.pdf


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    I think your format is good, but the thing I would change is put your technical skills where you have significant skills is and get rid of the significant skills or combine them and rename it technical skills. Change professional experience to work history. As for the work history part I keep it to bullet form like you have, get rid of the little paragraph and just do bullet form. For the little intro you have at the time I would get rid of it, but you can keep it if you feel that its necessary. Also I would get rid of award/achievements.
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    If you can, try to add in more valuable bullet points that directly relate to network engineering or data center. You have three bullets where there's room for improvement.

    Ability to install, configure, and troubleshoot LAN, WLAN, and WAN networks

    Effective problem analyzing techniques, combined with responsive / customer focused troubleshooting

    Extensive hardware experience: staging, configuring, and installing a variety of network equipment

    What are you installing, configuring, and troubleshooting? Is it OSPF, EIGRP, ISIS routing protocols? Site-to-site VPN and/or remote access VPN on an ASA?

    Did you troubleshoot network connectivity between sites? Are you installing Nexus switches, 6500s, 2960s Have you configured access lists?

    Add in a few keywords that these employers are looking for. Those keywords are always in the job description. This will help you get past HR.
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    rowelld wrote: »
    If you can, try to add in more valuable bullet points that directly relate to network engineering or data center.

    Agreed. As it's written now I wouldn't think you are qualified for an engineer position and wouldn't give you a call.
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    Thanks for the advise guys. I have since updated my resume to include more specific examples and making them relevant to the positions I want to go after.
    Which leads me to ask, does everyone customize their resumes for each job they apply for?
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    I never did but I been told by everyone to tailor your resume for the job you want.

    So.. I have been as of now and it has made a difference because I dont get calls about skills I dont want jobs for. For example, I did a lot of roles at my last job. I kept getting calls about them because I had them in my resume so I tailored it out because I want to be a network engineer not those roles.
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    "Which leads me to ask, does everyone customize their resumes for each job they apply for?"

    Not each job. It depends on how much I want it or how much supply is there. Only 2-3 jobs in your area, then you tailor your resume. 1 job that pays 200k, tailor. 10-15 jobs and I'm just looking to find better pay, probably not much tailoring.
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