Need a favor. I need someone to mock interview me for a network engineer position

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I'm working on a project, and to get an idea of interviewing, I would like someone to interview me for a non VOIP network engineer position. Looking to get this done in the next 2 weeks. I can send a copy of my resume to you and we can set a date and time. Hopefully this is someone with recent interviewing experience.

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    Send me a PM and I can see about helping you out. We just finished a round of interviews for a DC/RS/SEC Professional Services Engineer and I can ask you some of the same questions if you'd like.
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    I would love to see some of those questions as well.
  • -hype-hype Member Posts: 165
    Can you guys share these questions with the rest of us??
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    That is actually a nice thing of you to do down77, +rep icon_thumright.gif The whole suggestion of mock interviews is an interesting concept that can help out a lot of perspective IT advancing their careers. Being mocked interviewed by someone in that field may take the tension away from when you are actually sitting for you real interview and also will you to prepare better for questions in that field.
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    I would be interested in seeing the questions that were asked for the mock interview.
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