curious... when does the next series come out?

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I just found out the 800 series of the A+ expires January 31, 2014. I wanted to get certified but this is way to early for me to be able to start studying for both and pass them in that short time frame. Does anyone know when the 900 series is gonna be released? Is there study material for it yet?


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    where did you find the expiration date for the 800 series?? link please

    I'm currently studying for the A+ 800 series and was curious when are they going to pop in Windows 8... I guess this is going to motivate me to take the exam sometime in January.
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    Honestly? I Don't remember now. I Found it on the website somewhere? Maybe I am mistaken? I wonder if someone on here can clarify. I know i saw something about it!
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    the 700 series was retired Aug 31, 2013. It is highly unlikely the 800 series retires Jan 2014.
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    It expires when CompTIA makes the announcement.

    Have not read anything myself. However, when you want to post such type of questions, be ready to include your source.
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