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I've decided to give programming another go and see where it takes me. I've done a VB6 course a couple of years ago, so I decided to start with VB.NET. I'm using Visual Studio 2005 and will be working through a "beginners guide" the next couple of weeks/months/years ;)

Is VB.NET a good path to take career wise and what certifications can I get with it?


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    There are a number Microsoft certifications based on VB.NET. There are a number of VB certification exams, and I believe two current level of developer certifications (three if you count the basic MCP after passing a single exam).

    As far as jobs go, I don't have much idea.

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    From what I hear, if you begin doing software development with Visual Studio.NET, you might want to consider learning C#, as it seems there are numerous jobs available.
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    As far as .Net goes....

    VB.Net is the upgrade to VB6 - personally I hate the fact that Microsoft called it - sure it has the VB syntax and has some backwards legacy functions but still it (like all other .net languages) is really just a thin layer over the .net assemblies...I think they really should have named it B#

    As for VB vs C# - like I said it really does not matter much - both are just thin layers over the .net framework.

    Personally I am an old VB programmer myself, I decided to learn both and C#

    As for certifications, be carful, Microsoft is releasing a "new generation" of certifications...
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