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I took a Cissp bootcamp from and was studying for a couple of month before.
will try my exam soon.First of all when bootcamp claims 90% of passing rate it is a bs!they get this statistics by asking students to call them after test!they don't get any statistics from isc .
From my class of 25-30 people , only two were planning to take exam soon.Teacher and class itself were great but absorbing material for 12 hours a day is difficult.My first try is tomorrow ,I think about it as training attempt,will see.


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    That's probably not a false statistic. How else would a training provider know whether their students passed or not? ISC(2) wouldn't have any way of knowing where people took a training course from. The only meaningful stat that they could (and do not) give is the overall pass rate. Good look on your attempt!
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    It might be that 90% of the people who bothered to report their results to the training company said they passed, and not that 90% of the people in any given bootcamp class passed. Possibly a statistical semantic twiddle to give a more positive spin.
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