VTP Question

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Hi all,

doing some of the nuggets with the lovely Jeremy, and he said something that confused me..

he was demonstrating, what happens when you introduce a switch to a network that has a higher revision number than the existing vlan set up, and its possible that all the switches in the vtp domain will update themselves as the revision number is higher.. which I get totally..

he then said , to reverse the damage, you could just configure one of the switches to put back the correct vlan data and it will then replicate to all switches, which again im fine with..

but, he said once a switch with a higher number replicates its vlan info, the other switches delete / replace there own vlan.dat with this new info.. but surely you would have to go onto all the switches in the network and re-add the ports? for example if the switches were all part of vlan 10, 20 and 30 and switch C had 3 ports on vlan 30 for three PC`s.. this vlan info would be lost when the "rogue" switch was added. When the new config is replicated, how does the switch C know which ports it had on van 30, since all the config was lost?

hope you understand what im asking



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