New to Juniper, Need advice

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Hello TE,
After having passed the Sec + recently, I have decided to pursue a vendor cert. Since I am in the Cisco Acadamy at College, I thought it might be wise to learn things on the Juniper end as well. I see that the JNCIA-Junos certificate version 102 is going to be the current entry level certification. I am having issues figuring out the cost of the exam as well as relevant study materials. I have seen one book covering the subject on Amazon and the Juniper website seems to really want to you to take their $700 courses which I cannot afford. If anyone can give me some advice on materials for self study, it would be much appreciated.


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    Juniper provide training material for the JNCIA exam via their 'Fast Track' program on their website, basically it consists of 2 PDF's which is likely all the material you need to pass the exam. Other than the PDF's I would recommend CBT nuggets JNCIA videos as these are quite good and help cement the various topics.

    You can also take a practice test on their website and if you pass (It can be re taken) you get a 50% exam discount voucher which is a nice bonus.
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    Wow awesome. Thanks for the advice.
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