CCNP Log: You touch Route and Switch, you Gonna End up with Trouble

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Time to take it up a Notch: Route First, Then Switch, the troubleshoot
Route topics are no that new to me so i am going to breeze through them, still giving my self enough time

First Deadline : 22/02/14 - Route


    • BloodSweatPingsBloodSweatPings Member Posts: 27 ■□□□□□□□□□
      This Week, I aim to finish Eigrp Fully : Blue print for CCNP R&S

      Implement an EIGRP based solution, given a network design and a set of requirements
      • Determine network resources needed for implementing EIGRP in a network
      • Create an EIGRP implementation plan
      • Create an EIGRP verification plan
      • Configure EIGRP routing
      • Verify an EIGRP solution was implemented properly using show and debug commands
      • Document the verification results for an EIGRP implementation
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