Configuring OSPF on Ethernet int v. Serial int

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Is there a major difference between configuring OSPF on Ethernet interfaces v. Serial interfaces? I've been trying to work through some OSPF labs and I can't seem to send packets from the serial ports to the Ethernet ports all configured with OSPF. I know mostly WAN protocols are configured on serial ports, but I would think it would matter too much. If anyone has any thoughts or general input on OSPF I'd appreciate it, thanks!


  • Adam BAdam B Member Posts: 108 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Probably made an error that you overlooked, like accidentally forgetting a route to add to the routing table or something like that. Just doublecheck your configurations make sure you have all the networks that you need to the table added
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    If you could show us your topology or configuration that would help us help you better
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    Have you looked in the routing table if there is a connected route for that subnet? Also check that the interface line and protocol status is up.
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