How Server Give internet from Router?

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asssume scenario which 1 router receive internet from internet{ Fastethernet 0/0 connect to internet},
we have server whit external Card and we want to give it(server) internet From Routers
suppose Fastethernet 0/1 connect to Server
1-How I should give IP Address,Gateway and DNS to Server to get Internet?
2-what about Fa 0/1 that connect to server which range IP I should assigned?
assume fa0/0 connect to internet and IP is:
please give example about range of fa0/1 and Server IP,DG,DNS ...thanks


  • vasyvasyvasyvasy Member Posts: 68 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Hi klez0011
    I'm guessing that you are assigned a single external IP from your provider ( and you just need some basic NAT

    fa0/1: (or any private IP - see RFC1918)

    dns: whatever dns service you are using, even a public one should be fine for web access

    The router should be configured to perform NAT for your server/LAN

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