Trying to understand Routing Protocols

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Hi I am trying to understand the routing protocols so if Running Ripv1, can Ripv1 advertise these network to other routers running rip ., If not than what should be match between routers. Network or subnetmask.

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    RIPv1 updates do not contain a field for a mask.
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    It's really all dependent on the address/mask that's applied to the link connecting the 2 routers.
    RIPv1 is classful, so as networker mentioned it doesn't send a mask in it's updates and hence it doesn't support vlsm. If you want to advertise
    a prefix that's major network matches that of the inter-connecting link, you need to use the same subnet mask as the inter-connecting link. If you wish to advertise a route which major network is different from the major network of the interconnecting link, the router will auto summarize to the major network boundary.
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