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I'm new to this website and i was looking through it and i really do like the blogs and forums and i think this is a great website.
I am just starting off in this field because i feel as though i am really good with computers and i want to have a career with a CCNA certification. i have a couple questions as well.

So first of all how would i introduce myself to this field since i am just starting out?


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    Welcome to the site.
    I would suggest spending a good month reading the posts on the site and getting use to the topics. This is a great place to keep you motivated and help out when you are having trouble understanding topics.

    A lot of people suggest starting with a video series. It give you an overview of the subject matter and is a little easier to take in then reading when you first start. However if your interested in CCNA you are going to need to read a little. Pick a book or two and try to get through them. Don't worry if it does not all make sense right away with a little exposure it starts to come together.

    Good Luck,
    Keep posting.
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    Welcome Justin,

    I second what Jon_Cisco said, video's are great and can help understand how things works. I see you mention you want a career with CCNA certification remember CCNA is just the tip of Cisco certifications.

    What exactly is you aim in IT? Do you want to go into security (network security, penetration testing etc), network (enterprise or service provider routing & switching).
    2016 Goals: CCNP R&S, CCNA Security, CCNP Security
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    I'd highly suggest Chris Bryant's video series for a beginner, it helped me pass the CCENT and CCNA twice, once 4 years ago and once again last September. There are a lot of good video resources, but I really like his teaching style, he integrates fun into his videos very well.

    The full CCENT and CCNA video series is $44 with the promo code BULLDOG60, and I can't recommend him enough, I'd have never stuck with the cert if it wasn't for his motivational speeches and laid back approach to teaching.

    Believe it or not I do not make any dividends for the above statement :) Good luck and welcome aboard!
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    The first thing I would suggest is that you go to the Cisco website look at the carrier paths for the various Cisco certifications. It will give you an idea on how to proceed. Find something that you enjoy doing and build your training plan from there. Make sure you check out the exam topics and if your unfamiliar with a particular topic Google and review.
    Google is going to be your best friend for the rest of your carrier. There are tons of free videos out there so spend some time looking them over. Cisco Press particularly Wendell Odem is well written and easy to follow both CBT Nuggets and Train Signal Chris Bryant's videos are exceptional for making a complex subject easier to understand. Train Signal I think goes more in-depth, but CBT Nuggets Jeremy Cioara is more fun.
    If you have the cash build a home lab, don’t spend a fortune on it and use GNS3
    And of course use this website for help.
    Good luck on your new carrier
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