Where can I find Full lab exercises ?

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Hi TechExams.
I started going thru the CBTNuggets ICND1 videos and I am about half way through. I noticed that with every concept video, there is a configuration (lab) video that follows which is great. The thing is I need to find some kinda full labbing exercises, starting from scratch (basic configurations etc..) and moving my way up. I found some lab exercises, posted here (Ranet's Labs and the CISCO workbook) which is the kind of stuff i need. Is there any more upto date labs like this out there that i can work through, or are these enough? Are they up to date too ?

I need some advice on the labbing regard. There are alot of scenario labbing out there, giving a specfic example and going on from there, but what i need is start from scratch.

One more question, if for example i started with Rannet's lab's (or any other step-by-step lab approach) is it enough to start the actual trouble shooting labs for example (the big stuff) or do i need more thatn just Rannet's stuff.

Thanks guys
By the way thanks for just a great website, really helps self-studiers like me :)


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    When I started studying CCENT, I asked the same question. I actually spent about 2 weeks looking for labs and considered paying for a few lab manuals. I downloaded a few free lab workbooks and scenarios and bookmarked a few websites.

    However, in the end all that was necessary was playing around in packet tracer and gns3. If I didn't save the topology, every time I opened the program I was starting from scratch - by default. Then I could just test all the concepts in the book, simulate broken networks, and work on how to configure everything.

    I'm sure there are plenty of good lab workbooks out there. But before investing time and/or money in finding them, try to just play around w/ setting up topologies w/ whatever lab method you chose to use for your CCENT/CCNA studies. It might be sufficient for you as well. If you've finished reading, watching the videos, and doing your own labbing and you need more, maybe go from there.

    Just my $.02.
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