Anyone have luck with MS Virtual Academy?

I'm having trouble finding quality study material for the 70-410.

This week I tried the MS Virtual Academy, but it's incredibly boring, difficult to understand the presenter, redundant, and feels more like trade show presentation than it does a classroom presentation.

So far, between any Microsoft published materials, Technet, Virtual Academy, MS Press books, etc, they all seem to have the "This is windows server 2012, it's so great! It can do all of these things!" However none of the material really seems to cover much depth about the topic. The training guide reads like a 600 page checklist. The CBT Nugget series I am using has been the most helpful, but I'm doubting it has the coverage I need to confidently pass the exams.

Maybe I am just frustrated and looking in the wrong places, but what are you guys using to study and pass the MCSA track?


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    A few months back, I was very much interested in going for the MCSA 2012 exam, and so I started studying for the 70-410. I found myself in exactly the same situation that you are describing in this post.

    I feel that there is a general lack of good quality material that will sufficiently cover the topics that are needed in order to be able to confidently take the exam. Case in point is the Exam Ref 70-410 book by Craig Zacker which although I found to be an interesting read is very far from covering and preparing you enough to take this exam. Reviews from Amazon suggest that I'm not alone in feeeling that this book doesn't cover what is needed in order to pass the exam.

    I also tried reading Technet articles that seem to relate to the exam objectives, but I found it to be too boring icon_sad.gif - but then again maybe it's just me on this one because many people seem to get their MCSA by covering and reading through copious amount of technet articles.

    Eventually I decided that it's not worth studying for this exam without having a book or other material that I can comfortably say will give me a good chance to pass the exam.
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    I agree with that you both said , there is no quality material for this exam .The sad part is that the exam is easy(at list that's my opinion) if you already have some background as a windows administrator .Because i invested already about 3-4 weeks of serious study i ll try until i take the exam and then the next two but i ll think long and hard before i embark on another Microsoft certification in the future .
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