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maharalielmaharaliel Posts: 119Member
Can some one assist me and direct me how I can visualize ASA and run it on my computer using GNS3.


  • Master Of PuppetsMaster Of Puppets Posts: 1,210Member
    Everything you need is in here Cisco ASA 8.4 on GNS3 - XeruNetworks

    The ASA on GNS is not very stable and if you are working with 2 ASAs it can get frustrating but when you have no other way, it will do.
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  • maharalielmaharaliel Posts: 119Member
    Thank u for the link.
  • joeypants05joeypants05 Posts: 10Member ■□□□□□□□□□
    Make sure you keep the labs with ASAs simple. I recently got it working on my macbook pro and originally had it running on a VM but it kept crashing because of a lack of resources. Even running just on my macbook I still only would create specific labs for what I was doing. If you are practicing client less, SSL client or IPSEC client just have one ASA and a VM host/ however you want to test it. Initially I had routers, two ASAs etc on a lab but the strain on the system would cause dynamips to crash and/or one/both instances of the ASA to crash.

    Also when installing GNS make sure to get the all-in one windows version or the newest OSX version. If you don't it might not have QEMU on it and the ASA emulation requires it.
  • MikeyMacMikeyMac Posts: 2Registered Users ■□□□□□□□□□
    Heavily recommend GNS3 Workbench: RedNectar's Blog | … Chris Welsh's memory backup

    Linux OVA that can be run on any machine with horsepower to spare, and Linux has a great track record for stability and scale with Dynamips.
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