Couple new guy questions on Security+ testing

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Hello. I have been browsing the forum for awhile. A lot of information here which is very helpful.

While browsing the Comptia website I found that there retake policy is 14 days if you fail 2x. I thought it used to be 6 months?

My last question is do you see any changes or updates coming to the security+ exam? I don't want to start investing in study materials and time if the exam will update or change right before I take it. I'm going to start off by reading Darrills book.

Hope that makes sense. This would be my first certification

Thanks in advance


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    Welcome to the forums, officially :D. I am not sure on the previous retake policy, but like you said, you must wait 14 days before taking the test for the 3rd time.

    With regards to your second question, the SY0-401 objectives have been released here:

    Darril Gibson said on his blog that the new test shouldn't go live until Spring 2014, but the SY0-301 should still be available to take for at least 6 months after the new test is released : New Security+ Exam - SY0-401 - Get Certified Get Ahead | Get Certified Get Ahead

    If you plan on taking the test before then, you should be ok. Good luck on your studies and have fun!
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    First, welcome.

    Second, why worry about failing twice, just focus on passing it once ;) Seriously, it has been a 2 week cool off period for two immediate fails for as long as I recall. I do remember some vendors having a six month wait, but that has been many years back.

    As far as changes and such, download a current copy of the objectives and review from the current copy. Usually, there are not many changes, but this ensures you have the most current copy on hand to prepare from. I like the Sybex text as it very complete and provides a good background of information. If you are only in need of a light review, consider the cram series.

    How much experience do you have with the subject material?
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