Ubuntu Server Setup (raid 1)

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Hey guys got myself two 500 gig drives, Im undertaking new install and want to combine both drives into a Raid 1 array.

I will be setting up the Raid during the install process.

Questions I have are below

1) do I put /boot outside the raid array on a separate partition?

2) I want a share for data to
be used for media and data
Mainly for Samba shares should I create a /data for this?

3) Best partition scheme / layout
How would you setup the drives.
I have read alot of Linux documentation and the partition schemes tend to vary.

I was thinking


And mirror the / and data would that be a good scheme to go with?

Many Thanks
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    1. I wouldn't bother myself. It should be fine being in the array. But it never hurts to try it anyway.
    2. Could be a good idea. Would make for easy unmounting if you need to stop the sharing for awhile.
    3. I like to mount /home and /var by themselves as well. Since those are the things that tend to fill up the fastest I like having them partitioned out by themselves.
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