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    tpatt100 wrote: »
    We had a sys admin years ago that sent a netsend to somebody they knew saying something kinda offensive as a joke but got the user name wrong by one letter and it went to a government employee. I found out because I got a call from the employee saying they had something popup on their screen and they were too embarrassed to repeat it to me, I connected to their PC and it said "sup beyoch". They made the admin go up and apologize and I bet he was glad nothing serious came from the incident.

    OUCH. Yeah, you definitely have to be careful! Many stories of pranks/jokes gone wrong or taking it too far.
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    Disable their RFID badge, AD account, and clean out their desk. :D

    Cover their mouse in Vaseline.

    Fill up their cube/office with packing peanuts, and duct tape the door shut if they're out of the office for a while.
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    I put annoy-a-tron in a few people's computers. One person was going nuts and suspected it was a camera and I was listening in on her (she lately admitted to whispering obscenities into her computer.) But then she also kept logs of the sounds per my instructions.

    Also got a fellow IT guy with it. This time it lasted weeks. He took his PC apart a few times trying to find out what it was. Even sent an RMA to HP for his power supply.
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    You can download a tool (irongeek? maybe) that will let you put display messages on any HP laserjet printer. We had a lot of HP 4250's and would put a message saying your out of engine oil or something similar.

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    Make it a combination.

    1) Change the mouse pointer to the hourglass to make it look like it's busy.
    2) Take a screenshot of their desktop and set it as the background while removing all the actual folders.
    3) Set the screen saver to a BSOD.

    5) Enjoy.
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    I recently placed the wireless receiver of my mouse to my coworker's computer. I moved the cursor around randomly, right-clicked numerous times, and even closed a program or two for him. Naturally, he had just opened the programs-in-question. We had a good laugh.

    You guys are a bad influence on me. Where else does one get clues to thousands of dollars worth of cert prep information that needs to be purchased and pranks that can be played on your coworkers? Tsk, tsk, tsk...
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    Asif Dasl wrote: »
    Post-it note under the mouse!

    At one job I used this every single day for half a year and it stumped some supposedly really experienced techs.
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    Call your help desk and tell them your cup holder (DVD drive) stopped working...
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    A login script that opens a youtube video in IE every morning (video changed every few days) and a scheduled reboot every night to ensure the target had to login.
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    I created a scheduled task to eject a guy's CD Rom tray every 36 minutes. He just assumed I was remotely controlling his computer, got a laugh out of it. Then, he was working from home that evening, and his tray ejected again! He was totally flipping out wondering how I was ejecting his CD tray when he wasn't even connected to the VPN.

    There was a remote control app, I think it was Desktop Authority, that had the ability to send keystrokes to the controlled computer. To the same guy, I would enable his Caps Lock key while he was typing an email, and he didn't notice until he was a couple of paragraphs in that his intended case was inverted on every word.

    Finally, we were evaluating OCS or Lync (forget which one was it was at that time) and the public IM provider integration. We were doing a Web Ex with someone outside the company where one of our guys was the presenter and was showing his desktop. I kept sending him invites from fake MSN accounts that I was creating to join their buddy list... Hillary Clinton, Charlie Manson, Queen Elizabeth, SpongeBob SquarePants, just whatever I could think of that would get a reaction. That one got me in trouble a little.
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    Some of these are evil. I think I'll use them for hazing new techs.
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    Get a backtrack cd or install the dsniff package on your linux distro of choice and use the arpspoof command to knock everybody off the network.

    Edit: alternatively, if you have the ip address of your victim, you can target them specifically and knock just that one computer off the network.
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    f0rgiv3n wrote: »
    I once telnet'd into our email server on the SMTP port and sent an email from my boss, to my coworker stating "We need to talk." And then did the reverse, from my coworker to my boss "We need to talk".

    I thought it was hilarious, they did not :D .

    Completely forgot about that one. I did something similar with our mail server. I telnet'd in and sent one of my coworkers an email impersonating a manager who was fired a year ago. The best part is, the email headers make it look like a legitimate message. I believe "MIME-Version: 1.0" or something like that is usually missing so that's really the only way to tell that the message wasn't sent from an email client but you'd have to know to look for it.
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    Goodness, some of these "pranks" go pretty far and into the realm of actively attacking your own company's network or systems. Be careful guys so you don't get fired and/or arrested and/or sued and/or beat the heck up. Lol.
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    when I was young: kids vandalized things, when I was A CHILD I said to them "VANDALIZING IS STUPID". I place pranks in the same category as Vandal's. If you don't you have the balls to joke with the folks face to face you don't deserve a laugh? I lost respect for this place to allowed this trash here.
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