Which certification for Microsoft?

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I am trying to prepare for MCITP.But found on the internet that MCITP is being retired . So what exam should I prepare for?
I am totally new to Certifications specially in Microsoft field and I dont have any experience in IT. I am doing the certifications for a job . So which cert will help me in Microsoft field? I am only focused in Microsoft at present I do have networking knowledge like VLANs because I already did a course in Cisco CCNA.
Also please suggest some good books to read .
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    This depends on the job market closest to you.

    If you are starting in IT, then a desktop support role is the walk-before-running. Learning Windows 8 & Windows 7 will help you land a help desk role. I heard that "employers don't care what kind of MCSA you have, as long as you have a MCSA". Saying I've run an exchange server at home and set up web access & ETS will probably help you more in an interview than "I've crammed for a bunch of exams", but the exam will get you that interview.
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    Hi jso,
    Thanks but I want to know what are the papers for MCITP /MCSE I need to pass? Will passing 70-640,642 and 646 complete MCSA SA?
    But then what are these Exams 70-410, 70-411, 70-412, 70-417 meant for ??
    Do I need to pass all the above to get an MCSE!!??!! That means a total of 3+4 =7 papers!! (Exam 70-640,642 and 646 + 70-410, 70-411, 70-412, 70-417)! Gosh

    Can you also please tell me what paper does this paper code 70-646 represent ??
    [Though I found the ans already I just needed to confirm the name of this paper. Strange that both the paper is named as Exam 70-646 Windows Server 2008 Server Administrator as well as the cert also named after this paper viz. MCSA :Server Administrator, when there are several other papers like 70-640,70-642 the certificate could have been MCSA:Active Directory or MCSA:Network Infrastructure ,isn't it ? I dont understand why Microsoft made such a complex nomenclature unlike Cisco,Its not transparent what one is reading for ...]

    I really getting confused by the myriad number of papers and certs some of which are getting retired when it comes to Microsoft,lol.
    In this connection I am just curious what will happen to those who have passed MCITP Ent Admin certificate last year which has been retired this year? Can they claim to be Ent Admin in their CV's for the rest of life? I know that the first 3 papers are still valid and they will write MCSA :SA but c an they also write MCITP :EA along side?
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    640, 642, and 646 for MCSA 2008, used to be MCITP:SA
    640, 642, 643, and 647 will also give MCSA 2008, used to be MCITP:EA
    410, 411, and 412 for MCSA 2012
    417 will upgrade MCSA 2008 to 2012.

    After you have MCSA, two more exams are needed for MCSE. there are at least 3 MCSE tracks. I believe two require MCSA 2012 and one can be either MCSA 2008 or 2012.

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    I am sorry for interrupting the OP but I just need to confirm ,
    passing 70-640,642 and 646 gives you MCITP :Server Administrator certificate
    & passing 70-410, 70-411, 70-412, 70-417 gives you Mcsa Windows Server 2012 certificate,right?
    Please correct me if i am wrong.
    Thanks & Regards
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    Its just the 410, 411 and 412 exams if you have no current exams. I think the 417 is an upgrade exam if you have a 2008 MCSA and this will get you a 2012 mcsa.

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    Hi ajs1976,
    Then how do you upgrade the MCSA 2012 (70-410,411 and 412) to MCSE 2012?
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    Pick your MCSE, there are actually 8 not 3: MCSE Certification

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