I Passed the 801 yesterday

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Hello all I passed the 801 yesterday. 832/900 icon_cheers.gif. I had thought I did much worse than that while taking the test for some reason. Then when I actually seen the score I said I could have done much better than that. Especially after figuring out which questions I know I got wrong. To those studying to take this portion just make sure you download the objectives from CompTIA and know the topics it lists for you. Having a good base of computer knowledge is good as well. You can figure out questions just by process of elimination. Don't fool yourself by thinking you can just use practice tests and pass either.

I would like to send a shout out to Professor Messer for the work he does for free to help people pass these exams. I highly recommend his videos and the new study guide he has available. I like his videos way better than TrainSignal (which is now Pluralsight, what a name) and CBT Nuggets when it comes to wanting to pass this exam. They may serve a purpose to the pure novice but anyone who knows anything about computers will find them far too long, filled with minutiae and info you already know. CBT Nuggets made me dread watching them because they were too long and the guy kept giving stories about his life and was trying to be funny. I just wanted to learn what I needed to know to pass the exam. Messer's videos are tailored to the CompTIA objectives and on average are about 6-7 mins long. I think I may have studied too much which was about 2 1/2 weeks and won't make that mistake going into the 802. Don't be panicked if you're thinking about taking this exam and think it's really difficult because it's not.

Thanks to this forum and others who have posted tips that helped me out, 'preciate it. Now off to study for the 802 icon_study.gif. Good luck to you all.


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