cbt nuggets / selftestsoftware question

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Does the $99/mo mean I can access any training I want or only one of them?

If I bought one month (or did 7-day trial), could I access all of these within the time frame?:

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 70-411 with R2 Updates

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 70-410 with R2 Updates

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 70-412

Does the practice exams at https://www.selftestsoftware.com/certtestprep/practice-test/microsoft/mcts-windows-server-2012-bundle.kap do well in addressing what questions the real exams may have in them?


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    For the $99 for the month you will have access to all of their material. You can view as many different videos you like. For the 7-day trial you can also view any video but will not have access to their additional resources like practice tests etc. I think it is definitely worth checking out the 7 days free first to know what you are getting. Just be sure to cancel before the end of the 7th day if you decide it isn't what you are looking for or it will be auto-billed. I canceled mine on the 7th day with out issue (no games). I do like the service and I am likely to subscribe for another month later. At the time, I just wanted some additional material for an exam and knew that I was going to leave for a 10 day vacation after my exam in 8 days so it worked out for me.

    I can't comment on the other because I haven't heard of it before.
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    The self-test one was mentioned in 70-412 TechNet & Other Resources sticky page in the forum. I was wondering if anyone has actually used it and if they did, how accurate are the questions to what you may find on the real exam.
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    just remember with cbt nuggets to read the fine print. The $99 a month only gives you access to videos. If you want all of the goodies like practice exams you have to do the yearly subscription which sucks. Would be nice if it was an option with the monthly
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    I didn't know that. $1000 is a lot for me to kick out at one time. I am fairly aggressive with my testing (about one a month) right now and I don't think I personally would need 12 certs.
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    Went with cbt and measure exam questions. Measure up cost $170 for the 3 mcsa server2012 questions and cbt costs 99/month. You get videos (very good informative videos btw) only during trial but once you pay the 99/monthly, you get access to labs, video, and mp3s only. If you want everything it'll cost 999 upfront for the year. That is why I chose measure up (wgu uses them and they always helped me) for questions.

    Based on what some have posted about PowerShell (measureup case studies also have it) and hyper-v, I have decided to review the cbt videos for them. PowerShell 3 foundations is very informative and only 7 hours of video to watch. I'll watch the hyper-v video they have as well. I also have a free voucher for hyper-v (maybe I'll pass it). Only having done those two things will I start working on server 2012.

    Edit for those on study methods:
    I also follow through with server 2012 in trial vmware 10. Make a dreamspark account with ms and you can get a trial of server 2012. I find going through the server and PowerShell while video explains it is very helpful.
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