Having trouble importing a CSVDE.exe file

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Hi All

Just need help here,

Scenario: I have a domain called brosprod.com and inside that domain there is an OU called Productions, I want to create four users in that productions OU.

Now I first created a spreadsheet and have tried creating these users in my virtual lab using CSVDE.exe with this syntax in the command line:

DN, sAMAcountName, userPrincipalName, telePhoneNumber, objectClass

"cn=User01,ou=Productions,dc=brosprod,dc=com", User01, [email protected], 011-585-8955, User
"cn=User02,ou=Productions,dc=brosprod,dc=com", User02, [email protected], 011-585-8987, User
"cn=User03,ou=Productions,dc=brosprod,dc=com", User03, [email protected], 011-585-8852, User
"cn=User04,ou=Productions,dc=brosprod,dc=com", User04, [email protected], 011-585-3569, User

I then proceed to import this information to a notepad and save the file as CSVDE in the C drive using the .csv extension using the following syntax:

csvde.exe -i -f C:\CSVDE

When i do this in my virtual lab i get errors instead saying, it could not create a log file.

So do you guys notice any faults in this syntax because i have referenced it to the one written in the exam ref book.

Thanks for any advice!


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