Failed 70-410. Again.

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I don't know what else I can really do. I took the test 6 months ago after about a week of studying and got a 530, which is to be expected. I had drastically underestimated the time it would take to prep for the thing, or how thorough it would be. I was using a MeasureUp practice test and was scoring well (95%+) on that, but MeasureUp exams are pretty rubbish compared to the real thing.

Round 2 was two weeks ago to the day, and I admittedly didn't get a great opportunity to study for it. Work/Life gets in the way and all. After one day of studying using a Transcender test (significantly better questions, in my opinion, though I have found some errors!) I pulled a 556. My weakest areas were Installing and Administrating Active Directory and Deploy and Configure Core Network Services. Understandable as my exposure to AD has been limited, and I didn't know much about IPv6 at the time. I probably dropped 3+ questions just because I didn't have familiarity with the protocol.

Which brings us to today... I prepped for more than enough time. I used the same Transcender test and scored a 96% on the ENTIRE question set (108 correct, 5 incorrect). In particular I looked up the relevant information about IPv6 that I was weak on (multicast addressing, private vs public vs link local) and was confident I'd do well.


I know I dropped one question because I neglected to realize NIC teams had their own IP address assigned to them, which was a silly mistake. Aside from that I really don't know what else I can do. My weakest two areas remain the same, and the scores look similar across the board. What magic combination of practice tests, exam prep books, and technet articles do I need to pass this !@#$ing thing? If I bomb it two more times then I can't take it for another year, and I am NOT willing to let that happen.



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    There are a couple of things missing from your test prep. At least you didn't mention them. Have you spent any time on a lab yet? Have you watched any CBT training? If this is your first Microsoft test, you have to think and talk like Microsoft wants you to. That basically means that, you have to read the question and answer it the way Microsoft wants you to, not the way you would on the job.

    Reading a book is great. Reading technet is great but some experience and watching someone (CBT) go through the exam objectives is absolutely necessary if this is all new to you.

    Don't give up and I hope you're taking advantage of the second shot offer from Microsoft.
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