Performance Based Questions on 801?

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Hello all,

Wondering if there are any performance based questions on the 801, and if so, any advice on how to prepare for them? Without going into detail, what can I do or should study for to prepare myself for those type of questions?

Thanks so much!!!


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    I copied this straight from the CompTIA A+ objectives on their website

    1.2 Differentiate between motherboard components, their purposes, and properties. You should download it and check it out. Since it's on their objectives, that section will be on the exam because that's what their website says. So if I were you I would study what's on the objectives like what's in that section as well as the rest of the objectives. Make sure you study it all. Do practice exams, get a diagram of a motherboard and know all of it's components etc.icon_wink.gif That's all I can tell ya.
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    Appreciate the response!!! Thanks! icon_wink.gif
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