VCAP-DCD - 2nd shot - passed it today

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Guys, today was my second shot. (you know I have failed my 1st in December w 288/300).
But not this time! I PASSED it:)
I learned 24/7 in the past 2 weeks, based on the first exam I knew my weaknesses, so I eliminated them.
This time the time was not a problem, I had even around 20 minutes left at the 99th question.
But I think no one can concentrate for more than 4 hours long constantly. (even at my side, because the English is not my mother language, so I got 30 minutes additional time)

If somebody just ask me what is necessary to pass this exam I would say that practice, practice and practice. read a lot (I will write a blogpost about my resources soon, but Essendon have already made a good job, check it here) do a bunch of fictional design and have I already mentioned read a lot?

and thanks to all of you who just wrote a comment in either DCD topic, or shared a link, opinion, advice, tips, experience, and so on..

update 03/19/2014:
I have collected my VCAP5-DCD study resources, you can find here: VCAP5-DCD resources | vThing
It is Hungarian, but the links are still understandable and usable:)
for 2013: [x] 3x VCA, [x] VCAP5-DCA, [-] VCAP-DCD - failed. PASSED in 2014
for 2014: [x] BACP, [x] SCP, [x] 70-409, [x] VCAP-DCD
for 2015: [x] VCP6-DCV,
for 2016: [x] upgrade VCAPs to VCIX6-DCV, [x] CCNA [-]
2019: NEW job, back to again to the datacenter area:)
My Virtual blog:


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