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I have acquired another Cisco switch for testing purposes, and this one has a newer version of software on it:


than the last one I was testing with. I bought it used on Ebay, and it has some files in the flash that I would like to see but, being so new to this, I do not know how to get a look at them.

Directory of flash:/

3 -rwx 331 Mar 01 1993 00:02:43 +00:00 env_vars
4 -rwx 1649 Mar 21 2014 01:23:28 +00:00 config.text
5 -rwx 3722038 Mar 01 1993 01:42:22 +00:00 c2950-i6k2l2q4-mz.121-22.EA12.bin
6 -rwx 24 Mar 21 2014 01:23:28 +00:00 private-config.text

There are also certain commands that send the switch looking to certain IP addresses for "something" but, I'm not sure what.

If I type "dir" without being in EXEC mode it goes to ---> Translating "dir"...domain server ( [OK]Trying dir (

A couple other commands I cannot recall right now go to a couple of different IP addresses:

I'd like to see what the config.text and private-config.text have in them. When I started the switch, it took me through config, so it seemed that it had been cleared from the previous owner.

Thanks in advance.


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    The easiest way to move files on and off the device is to use a TFTP server. There are many free options, I believe I used one by solarwinds. Configure your switch with an IP so it can connect to your tftp server, and then use a command like: "copy flash:/c2950-i6k2l2q4-mz.121-22.EA12.bin tftp:". You can transfer files back to the device from the TFTP server in the same manner, just do "copy tftp://<ip_address>/filename.ext flash:"

    The commands are not taking you to an ip address. IOS does not understand the commands, so it tries to resolve them. You can disable this behavior by issuing the "no ip domain-lookup" command in global config mode.
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