IXIA IxNetwork In Our Lab / Test Network

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I've recently been tasked with learning, standardizing, documenting & fully operating the IXIA ixexplorer, ixchariot and ixnetwork tools for my companies R&D labs and test data centers. Very $$$ tool, very fun.

I'm a Senior Network guy tasked with being the SME for our network validation (pre-sales, post-sale), implementation and training. That being said - this IXIA tool is a steep learning curve. I'm pre & post testing Layer 2 Enterprise & Data Center switches, Layer 3 Routers and Layer 3, 4-7 state full & stateless firewalls. Once a device is thoroughly "put through the ringer", we qualify it for use with our companies selling devices & services (which use heavy multicast and "next generation" draft RFC's). The plan is to use this platform for post-sales testing & troubleshooting if a customer runs into a significant problem.

I can see it's value immediately and am finding myself reading the actual RFC's and expert level material on the protocols we're testing... Just so I can operate the tool! (Awesome.)

Does anyone have any experience, resources, tips & hints from an established real-world lab or production facing environment?


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    I've done quite a bit with IXIA test centers and you are right it does take a bit getting up to speed for in depth testing. We had a rep come out and spend some time in the lab with us which was extremely helpful. If you can swing that it would be the way to go. Outside of that you can read the documentation and do some trial by fire. That is about all I know of.
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    I use IxExplorer and IxAuthenticate on daily basis, but a lot of what I do has became repetitive so I probably know only a portion of it's capabilities. When I got introduced to IXIA and I started learning how to operate it I had a few senior guys explaining me most of it's capabilities. Trial and error helps a lot in learning it. I will search for any documentation regarding IXIA on our internal shares when I get to work and post it here if I get something.
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    Our team has been using ixia's new platform which includes all there tools into one platform for testing our major security stack. I forge the name of it but it cost over 300k 0_0 and lots of fun. If I find anything I will let you know because we had reps / engineers come down to show our team. I think we have documentation from them and if so I will see if I can share it with you.
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