Passed with a 830

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Just passed Security + today.

I used ********* and Darril Gibson's book. Also, on the advice of people here, I signed up for Darril's web-based training course. That was well worth the $30 for 30 day access.

I will say that VERY few of Darril's questions were on the exam. He teaches the core concepts well, but his study material is best as a resource, not just a bunch of questions and answers to memorize.

A few co-workers used "Actual Tests" and did well. I only glanced at these, but recognized a bunch of questions straight from the test.

Anyway, good luck to anyone stills studying. I'm happy to answer any questions.



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    You used test ****?

    Hope you're ready for the onslaught of replies...
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  • jawinnjawinn Member Posts: 7 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I did not use any ****. I used a book and Gibson's online material.

    I will say however that ALL Comptia exams are a scam. Using any method shy of paying someone to take the test for you is acceptable in my book. These exams exist to serve the purpose of making Comptia money, not educating people on their subject matter. The only reason so many people take them is b/c they conned the Federal Government to include them in their 8570 requirement for government contractors. Security + and Network + are required if a Government contractor wants to do business with Uncle Sam.
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