Claritas Investment Certificate

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Hi All,

have been working in IT infrastructure in the financial industry for a few years and a repeated theme or criticism that i hear is how alot of techies have a poor understanding of how "the business" works.

Somebody mentioned the Claritas certificate to me and after reading a bit about it i am thinking of pitching it to my management as something that we could pursue. It is basically a certification in the financial industry aimed towards non investment professionals (IT, HR, Legal etc.)

It is a relatively new cert so there is some risk of it not being widely adopted and accepted as a valuable qualification, just wondering if anyone here has done it or heard any positive or negative things about ?

Claritas Investment Certificate



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    As an experienced sysadmin, I see that as worthless. Business knowledge is valuable, but a cert for it isn't. A diploma, on the other hand...
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    Very interesting - I haven't seen this before. But bear in mind that this is not a certification. The best description that I've ever come across that shows the differences is at the UMich web-site here - Certificate vs Certification - Certificate in the Foundations of Public Health - UM SPH

    No doubt - you realize that this is not IT related. But certainly very valuable from a practical knowledge perspective. The CFA Institute is arguably the most recognized and respected organization when it comes to Investment Management practices. Most in the industry will be familiar with the CFA and CIPM designation from the CFA Institute.

    If you work in IT for the Investment Management industry, this certificate looks a worthwhile pursuit. I will certainly look more into it myself.
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