70-685 fails when you aren't sure why?

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Really to the point of not so much nervous taking this exam again, as frustrated that I have to see it again. :)
Does anyone else feel that this exam boarders one extreme or another? Either the questions are either too easy or leave you thinking you are taking the wrong exam? Or there are just no real answers given to some. Pick the sorta right answer? :)

1st attempt - wow I got this. I FAILED?!?!?! How?!?! (670something)

2nd attempt - had to look at the test title several times to make sure I was on the right exam. (580something)

3rd attempt - mix of both but some questions did not seem to have a right answer by the wording of the question. (not sure if I can give an example due to the NDA or whatever it's called). (670something)

To give some information about my test taking skills though I have two things against me:
I sit down, feel good about it, question 1 -> mind goes blank and heart is trying to beat out of skull....
I am also terrible about changing my answers. Actually the last time I think I would have actually passed if I had left several of them alone and stop going back to 'review'.

To be honest, on the drive home I remember several that I changed and think "oh man".

Anyway, given the 3rd attempt description, is it possible there are some that there really isn't an exact right answer, or the question is just worded badly? To be vague about it, the question listed as example, a step already taken that should have included one of the answer options in the process. BUT, the other answers seemed so far out there.

Was reading a MS blog post saying there are no trick questions. But, I've also read others saying that exams are written to prevent perfect or near perfect scores, and you MUST have cheated if you did. <and end up on the MS edition of Cops>
Honestly, I think if I had not changed answers, I might have been darn close.

Not sure really what I'm looking for here. Advice, encouragement, permission to just give up and feel like an idiot, don't know.

Taking it again this week, knowing I only have 2 shots left this year doesn't help much.


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    I took both the 70-686 and 70-685 without passing. Those exams were the last Microsoft exams I will ever take in my life. They're bull****.
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    I wish you luck on the exam, I took it this week and passed it but I consider it more a matter of luck based on the comments I have seen on it. I really feel like exams that concentrate on troubleshooting prove to be the most difficult because of how different people handle troubleshooting. This exam seems to literally require that you 100% buy into MS's idea of troubleshooting.

    I used for my study aids the CBT Nuggets videos and the 70-685 Press Book, I filled in with lots of labbing in a R2 domain with 3 win 7 clients. If you have not passed the 70-680 yet you may find it more worthwhile to go back and complete that first, the foundation i picked up in that exam was very useful for the 70-685. Good luck to you, hope to hear about your pass shortly
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    Thanks guys.
    Yeah, I did pretty well on the 70-680 that I remember. It's been a few years.

    Don't get me wrong, I'll openly admit when I reach my limit of capability and knowledge. I failed, it happened, and I'll accept it. Just think as both of you said, the exam is BS as well as there's many times several ways to approach a problem from a troubleshooting standpoint.

    Maybe I'm thinking too hard about each question. In the MS Press book I think it mentions the network troubleshooting wizard as the correct answer to one of its practice tests as the first method. Normally that's not me, I'm more interested in WHY it might have happened first, and the command line is your friend.

    The CBT Nuggets videos were great, then I bought the book. Both seemed straight forward and made it seem like the exam wasn't that bad. Little did I know that I'd not only need to troubleshoot a workstation and server relationship /ok fine/, but also the binary language of moisture vaporators. That's normally someone else's gig. :)
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    I just discovered a really good resource for helping with the Microsoft Kool-aid. Tech Ed Channel 9, is a great place to get more overview of a certain technology. I recently watched a video about test taking prep and tricks. The guys name is Gary Grudzinskas, and he is really great to listen to since he gives great tips that I have never even though about. Check it out listen to it and reload and get over the fails. I have a some exams I am looking at that I know I won't clear the first time, since I am wanting to get them done all this year. You'll clear this test and learn some valuable lessons on test taking in the process.
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    I empathize with you on this. I took the 70-685 twice within 1 months. I studied for a couple of months, have been DST for about 3 years. I got exactly the same score twice: 529. The questions, as you say, are absolute odds and ends and largely out of touch with the real world. It frustrates me because MS make £100 and they know damn well that there's multiple suitable answers to each question.

    I will also mention - the first time I took it I was thinking hard about the consequences of answers, I left exhausted. My retake (3 weeks later) I decided I would trust my instincts and take my first choice. Low and behold I got the same score.

    The stubborn person in me wants the exam completed and to get an MCSA Win7, but I resent paying another £100 to sit and learn a load of babble about technologies that no business I've ever come across is using (ISATAP, 6to4, DirectAccess, BranchCache) and to then be duped by their out of touch questioning. I'll resit it when the second shot promotion comes around again. For now, they can do one. They're clearly not that confident in their exam content - did you notice the survey at the end that measured the difficulty of the questions? Garbage!
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    Actually I left it at the survey screen. I had to before I selected A for yes, B for no, or C my fist through the screen for how I really felt.

    Glad to know I'm not the only one who feels this way. I've done this for more years than I care to remember, and I've never had anything like this in the real world. And I normally live outside my comfort zone.
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    Finally passed! Only mid 700s but a pass is a pass is a pass I guess. I could have done better, but that's life. Just glad to have this one done and over with. Only changed 3 answers this time. icon_rolleyes.gif
    That, and a lockup in the middle where they had to call their helpdesk and then restart the computer.

    Really wish it still gave MCITP. I like that better than MCSA for some reason.

    Short break while I decide on what I want next. icon_study.gif
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    traxin wrote: »
    Finally passed! Only mid 700s but a pass is a pass is a pass I guess. I could have done better, but that's life. Just glad to have this one done and over with. Only changed 3 answers this time. icon_rolleyes.gif
    That, and a lockup in the middle where they had to call their helpdesk and then restart the computer.

    Really wish it still gave MCITP. I like that better than MCSA for some reason.

    Short break while I decide on what I want next. icon_study.gif

    Well congrats on the pass, and I can tell you unless something has changed in the last 2 weeks the MCITP title is still awarded with the exam. I had to bug the MCP help desk on it but they put in the request i took the test last Tuesday, emailed on Saturday and they had the MCITP title on my transcript by Wednesday of this week. So enjoy!

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    They replied that I needed 5 exams for MCITP. They also said that he looked at my transcript and only saw 70-680, but it's on there when I look.

    I responded that their website states there are different areas for MCITP and this was for Win7.

    Weird. Will see what happens.
    Do you actually have it showing on your transcript, or just have the option to download the certificate?
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    Nope, its on the transcript here is the email they sent back to me after I asked. About 3 hours after he(she) replied i received the congratulations message on obtaining the title and it was on my transcript at that point. It sounds to me like they are confusing the Server 08r2 track with the Win 7 track, I would just clarify once you see the 70-685 on your transcript and you should be all set.


    Thank you for contacting Microsoft about the MCITP certification.

    I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you and will be glad to be of assistance.

    Having checked your profile, I found that you have met the requirement for MCITP: Enterprise Desktop Support Technician on Windows 7

    However, as the certification is not updated on your transcript, I will escalate the issue to our Technical Team and provide you with an expedient resolution.

    Your MCITP: Enterprise Desktop Support Technician on Windows 7 certification will be updated on your transcript within 3 - 5 business days. We will notify you via e-mail once the update has been made to your transcript.

    If there is anything else we can do for you, please let us know. Thank you for choosing Microsoft."
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    Thanks! I will try again Monday.
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    traxin wrote: »
    Thanks! I will try again Monday.

    No problem, have a good one!
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    Hi traxin,

    just curious if you got the MCITP in the end? I'm in a similar position, just passed the 70-682 a few days ago and should have got the MCITP as well but so far haven't got it on my transcript.
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    Through their chat support, the rep said that I should have gotten it, and they opened an incident for it. Said should take a few days.

    Ironically I was sent a survey from someone asking for my input on the experience of the exam, what I did to prepare, and opinions on the practice exams available and other material.

    Not sure they want my response. :) Might reflect what has already been said earlier in this thread.
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