mapping a city infrastructure

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This is not a very specific question but I am looking for any input from others that might have had to create network documentation for a new organization.

I want to try to document the network infrastructure for a city IT department. However because of security risks I am not really allowed to use software that might save the data offsite. I will not be allowed to enter security credentials into the program for any network admin access. I can probably install freeware for the project as long as the data is not being collected and sent anywhere else. It might just be information I can collect manually.

So my two main questions are:

1 - Has anyone tackled a project like this before and if so can you give me some ideas of where to start.
2 - Can anyone point me to a good reference for sample documentation or best practices.

Thanks in advance for any tips.


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    Hmm, you should be able to map everything out without having to use any software to scan for devices..

    Work out the IP addresses of devices, the subnets used to connect to each other etc... is the network structure flat or is it a collapsed backbone structure..?

    That's an example I made for a fictional company as a university task..

    Obvioulsy you'll need to add real ip addresses and interface numbers
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    I don't know much about the network yet. I just want to take on the real world task and produce something useful for the town.

    Best I can tell is 10+ sites combination of fiber across the city. Maybe 600 IP phones so maybe a similar number of stations.

    Mostly looking for other peoples experience with actually creating documentation when none exists.
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    10 + sites?? Right that adds an exponential amount of complexity haha - my example was just a reasonably good network design.

    Is this a part of your job or just something you want to do? You're gonna need a good level of access to the equipment and obviously collaboration witht the other sites?
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    Lab Equipment: Using Cisco CSRs and 4 Switches currently
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    It's an informal volunteer/internship. I know the new IT director does not have network documentation so I suggested I make it. I figure it gives me good real world experience and helps him out with documentation in the future.
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