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Hey everyone..have a question regarding session stealing. Is there any downside to allowing users to have multiple sessions on different devices. We have a xenapp 6 environment and have many users who need to be logged into several computers at the same time without having their session pulled over. Is there any downside to allowing this other than another license being consumed.


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    Off the top of my head,
    - Additional licenses (you already mentioned)
    - Increased server load
    - Potential user confusion
    - More likely to have idle sessions?
  • brewoz40brewoz40 Posts: 57Member ■■□□□□□□□□
    Thanks for the reply. I've taken into consideration the extra licensing and the system resources, as the users are basically doing now as they have realized if they sign into the wi first on several computers, then they can launch the needed app after and be able to log into multiple sessions that way. We basically want to alleviate the issue if a user gets disconnected, it doesn't disconnect all their sessions, or if they call the helpdesk because they have a frozen session, it gets reset, then they all close. Also, with disconnected sessions that are in the console, these sessions do not take up resources anymore on the server do they?
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    They will take resources until the sessions are logged off. Possibly not as much depending on the nature of the applications.

    I am a bit confused by your last questions or I may be misreading.
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