Out of the loop got my A+ in 2011

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Hey everyone im currently way out of the loop with certs. I got my A+ CE in June 2011 and apparently its going to expire this year in July. I've been working Tech Support for almost 2 years now in a software company. I have no college experience just on the job experience. I would like to keep my A+ cert current what could I do or do I need to just retake it?

I was also considering attempting to get my Networking + which I know would override the expiration but does that only work if my A+ is still valid at the time?


  • jesscole76jesscole76 Member Posts: 20 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I passed my A+ over 15yrs ago. Worked for Merck this whole time doing tech work and was laid off on 4\1.

    I immediately went and studied and just passed again 2 weeks ago. Also taking my Net+ next week.
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